January 30, 2009

Cebu City Public Library, R.I.P.

The Cebu City Public Library (aka Rizal Memorial Library), 69, is dead.

All because of the skewed perspective of some of our officials and so-called education consultants.

Before the distorted perspective (e.g. putting up a museum, library hubs, and satellite libraries as "alternatives" to the city library) came the lame excuse for the closure of the city library: resources have been dwindling and users have become scarce. This alibi is simply outrageous. If
Naga City can modernize its city library; if Butuan City can invest in a new building and triple its public library's visitors and users; if Davao City can develop an outstanding learning space that is its public library; I do not see why the proud Queen City of the South can not.

Fellow blogger Mindanao Librarian scores further the absurdity of such decision to close down Cebu City's public library. I am sure other librarians and reader development advocates share her lamentations. I am also sure others, not to mention a good section of Cebu City's community, are even more outraged by this development.

I echo the same grief and indignation. But I fear more the immediate repercussions. I cross my fingers (and toes!) other LGU's (especially in my own locality) will not look up to the folly of their counterparts in Cebu City and take this as an example of good governance.


  1. My heart bleeds knowing that this same library furnished me the extraordinary books of learning in my elementary years in the mid-'70s and molded me into what I am now. I share with your concern. Thank you for blogging about this. God bless!

  2. is this news true that Cebu City (Jose Rizal) Library is already closed?

    I cannot belive it..

    I used to have my research on Cebu history there with its wide collection of local papers and journals among its well kept archives.

    I have been to different cities.....Butuan's Library for example, is housed in a three-storey, modern Mediterranean style edifice; I guess patterns its local archives with that of Cebu's (Cebu's Library has a Cebuano Collection of Books from famous local authors and book writters).

    I hope they do something to revive this valuable asset for Cebu City.

  3. I can't believe the mentality of our public officials. Their distorted perspective why they are closing the library is pathetic. Not all of those who goes to Cebu City libraries have easy access to those "alternative." Even in developed countries like US, public libraries are everywhere. Kita instead of adding more libraries, nagbabawas na hinoon ta...Cebu is my second home so I can't help being affected.

  4. Hi, PinoyApache, Anonymous, and Amie. Looks like Cebu City's Mayor Rama is now singing a different tune about the city library's closure.


    Perhaps the pressure is working. Let's cross our fingers and keep on praying.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)