February 28, 2009

A Valentine postscript

When everyone else has consumed their annual dose of Valentine indulgence and is now on their way to full recovery (if not, has already fully recovered) from the consequent hangover, I am posting a piece as my own remembrance of this 'love month' which is about to end in a few hours (at least for 2009).

The period leading to February 14th about a month ago, I thought of writing about Valentine's Day or about the things that the day wanted to celebrate (or commemorate!), or about things that relate to it one way or another. The motivations were there to do so -- it was my first V-Day since becoming a blogger (if I may say); and there was Bariles' blog contest which promised a dinner feast and free Valentine concert tickets to the winners. The push was not enough, though. For some reasons, I chose to hold back.

Now here I am, trying to make up. Perhaps, the love month of February does not deserve my snub. After all, it was in this month way back in 1986 when Filipinos demonstrated their love for their fellow so much as to prevent tanks from rolling over their countrymen and to make a dictator flee.

I asked myself ''what is my ultimate love song?". It was not difficult for me to know. Here is a video of it with along with its lyrics:

ang buhay ko ay isang ilog
umaagos tungo sa laot
sa pagdaloy ay lumiliku-liko
nguni’t dagat pa rin ang inaabot

ang buhay mo ay isang ilog
umagos tungo sa laot
sa pagdaloy tayo’y nagkatagpo
at ngayon tayo’y magkaisang tungo

lilikha tayo ng bagong daan
uukitin sa bato ang kasaysayan
at walang hadlang na ‘di malalagusan
habang tayo ay magkaisang-tunay

This song is a Joey Ayala original. The one embedded here, as indicated, is a version by Rico Blanco (Rivermaya) and Kitchie Nadal. Of course, the original is always better. The rendition by Joey A. has a more personal touch in it. Maybe because it was done with single vocal and a very simple instrumentation. There is a slight variation in the arrangement in this version of Blanco and Nadal which I assume was done by the said artists themselves. There was even an alteration of at least a word in the lyrics. The new version though has more kilig that's more attuned to the present.

Much as I wanted to post the original, I could not find one online for free. I do not think pareng Joey will also like it if I post and share an illegally cracked Ilog which I have stored in my hard drive.

When the song first came out in the late 1980's (or at least when I first heard it), it was contained in a very GND (grim and determined) casette tape album of Ayala titled Magkabilaan. The album also included the melancholic but sweet Walang Hanggang Paalam which was very popular then among political activists because... well, it's their song. Back then, lovebirds particularly among this group would argue off which was a better love song and henceforth deserved to become their "theme song": Ilog or WHP? (So now you still think activists are not that mushy?)

For my girlfriend then, the choice was hands down. Ilog even spawned a very romantic (and naturally mushy!) verse which she wrote for the two of us during one of those, you know... rough times. For me now, as I look back, this love song is really the ultimate. My girlfriend became my ex-GF and we've been blazing trails and carving history in stone together since.

February 13, 2009

Yummy bibingka at Jim's Place

These are among the most delicious bibingkas (rice cakes) I have ever tasted.

Well, I am not even sure if I can call any of these a bibingka because there is something in it that is different from what we traditionally know as bibingka. Many of the latter come in smaller sizes than this one.

This particular bibingka is kind of a cross between a traditional bibingka and a... Kenny Rogers Roasters muffin!... and that's even downplaying the true merits of this comfort food.

Now, I am not really good at describing food in writing; so may I just invite you to take a bite of this bibingka at Jim's Place in Koronadal City. At P16 each, you will be wasting money on the shrinking dunkin' donut than on this one.

Jim's Place is near the corner of Gensan Drive and Zulueta Street (a.k.a. One-Way); a little past the roundball (rotunda) if you are coming in from Gen. Santos City.

If you are a native of Tacurong City, then it is of no wonder for you why such a yummy bibingka can come from a thing called Jim's Place. It is the very same Jim's Place that has brought you good food for many years back in your own hometown. The branch in Koronadal opened sometime in November last year and has since provided a good alternative to the other food venues in the South Cotabato capital.

Jim's Place is both a bakeshop and a restaurant. Food in its restaurant is served either by fastfood or a la carte. The place is Wi-Fi connected and is open 24 hours.

Jim's Place is open all day and night

The restaurant area in the interior is Wi-Fi connected

Various types of bread, cakes and pastries are sold 24/7 at the bakeshop

February 7, 2009

Sta. Lucia Realty seeks Sales Managers for Gensan project

With permission from the author, Mr. Alfredo "Bronx" Hebrona, I am reprinting below his email-announcement about Sta. Lucia Realty's imminent entry into the realty business in Gensan. Jobs for sales managers are now open. You have to hurry though as the first batch of job applications ends February 11.

Hi Guys,

Sta. Lucia Realty (that one with a PBA team) is launching its first residential development project in Gensan, called Colinas Verdes, soon. They are also opening a local branch for more projects.

The project location is just beside Socsargen County Hospital and across the soon-to-open Robinsons Place. It's at most 5 mins away from the most important facilities (market, malls, churches, schools, gov't offices, business centers, etc.) It is positioned as a residential area for those in the bracket B to upper bracket B market. It will have 24x7 security with amenities (club house, swimming pool, sports facilities) not yet present in any local subdivision.

Orchard Properties, a subsidiary of Sta. Lucia Realty, is now looking for Sales Managers, who shall be reporting to the Sales Director for the project. The Sales Managers shall be working full-time and will be trained to get Property Consultants, who can be part-timers. For clients, Sta. Lucia has in-house financing with different options that cater to different situations. No need for credit investigation.

If you know someone (including yourself) who may be qualified (no particular course preferred), they may send an application letter, resume and contact details to: Sta. Lucia Realty c/o Binex GVC, P.O. Box 46444 Gen. Santos City, or email those to binexglobal@ gmail.com with the subject "Application for Sales Manager".

The first batch of Sales Managers shall need to attend a seminar by Orchard Properties, a subsidiary of Sta. Lucia Realty, on 18-20 Feb., 2009. Questions about the company and the project will be entertained and addressed during the seminar. The exact venue will be announced to the pre-qualified applicants whose applications are received before 11 Feb. Applications received after 11 Feb. shall be considered for the next batch, to be announced at a later date.



February 5, 2009

A different tune

Sometimes it takes a knock on the pate (ok, I was trying to find nicer English for kailangang batukan) for some rusting brain to wake up and work even for just a while.

The following link leads to a news article in the Cebu Daily News about the acting Cebu City mayor's change of tune as to the reported closure of the city's public library:

Rama ‘won’t eject public library’

So the Rizal Memorial Library of Cebu is staying after all.

In the first place, why would we be closing a city public library when all the world is even moving mountains trying to open one?

Why would we be substituting a city public library with "satellite libraries in several barangays"? We have been mandated to build both since 1993 (R.A. 7743)!

And library hubs? The National Library is correct, these are warehouses not libraries; as we all should have known since the time the concept paper of library hubs was first drafted!

They say we should do it (satellite libraries) "similar to Singapore". Well, Singapore has community libraries dispersed all over the city-state and one big National Library in the middle!

Others contend the Cebu's Rizal Memorial Library is in a sad, old, decrepit state that it's indeed one bound for the museum. Well then go ahead, put it in a museum; but build a new one!

That would seem to be what the acting LCE of Cebu City is saying this time. He intends to have the city public library re-opened once renovation of the building is done. But without him giving a clear timeframe and cost of renovation, who knows baka binibilog lang ni mayor ang ulo natin. Huwag naman sana.