January 24, 2009


My ex-girlfriend is frustrated; why has there not been any movement in my blog posts for some time now. Knowing she is the most loyal follower of this blog, I do not think I can afford to just ignore her disappointment. I owe her an explanation.

I am sure another soul or two among the few readers of this blog are also feeling the same way; exasperated over the deprivation of their regular dose of catharses derived from reading Redeemed Spirit. I am not about to let go of these avid fans.

[canned laughter... again]

Seriously now. The past month or so, I have been suffering from a serious case of this sickness that also afflicts many Filipinos; called procrastination. I would like to assume though that mine is a mild case; because apart from my blogging functions, my other normal tasks (like my regular exercise regimen and my photo-shooting) have not been quite affected.

The past month I have been writing blog posts but did not care to finish and publish them. Believe it or not (and humility aside) besides those currently posted, I have written over a dozen entries to my blog since early December of last year. These have all remained in draft status as I have yet to write 30 to all of them. Most will no longer have the chance to "see the light of day"; their subjects are already passe to merit publication. The rest will have to be revised, infused with more and updated information (and more wisdom and less emo).

Here are a few samples of the subjects (and gist of how I intended to tackle them) that have been "gathering fungi" in the drafts section of my blog:

  1. Karylle (Tatlong Hari)'s "splendid" (if you know what I mean) Lupang Hinirang performance during the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight opening ceremony; and the hypocrisy that came after: "Ang galing-galing ni Karylle!". OMG! Please spare us.
  2. Karylle (again!)'s smiling gimmick when asked about Marian Rivera's alleged pregnancy. It was pure and simple cheap dirty gimmick hatched by ABS-CBN/The Buzz and everyone fell for it.
  3. DReAM Children Project's sad Christmas as its major partner, the Sagittarius Mines Inc. (SMI), has inexplicably suspended its support for the project. A company's folly, however, should not get in the way of a good advocacy. DReAM Children deserves a more committed partner.
  4. (A blog contest entry of mine that did not beat the deadline) A song only has to have good music (acoustic, rhythm, with emphasis on the guitar sound) to become my favorite. Sometimes it only has to have good lyrics. That's why I have many favorite songs. Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid is among them.
  5. All those noise and riotous revelry are understandable during New Year's eve. But firecrackers (and gunfire) on the supposedly silent and holy night of Christmas?
  6. I and my family met our first good souls of the new year. They are Eugene Pascual and Alfonso Gonzaga. Eugene is a neighbor who offered his ride and helped us find an open shop (in the dead calm new year's morning) at the other end of town to have our spent car battery re-charged. Mang Alfonso, on the other hand, is a tricycle driver who delivered us back home and helped us hard-start our car (a pickup truck) when our "newly charged" battery proved to be a fluke. Good souls, good sign.
  7. It is only now that I have come to know that polar bears and penguins, in their natural existence, never meet. Polar bears are natives of the northern polar regions while the penguins are found only in the southern hemisphere. Source: my son Ivan.
  8. (Video Post) Koronadal's LCE Hon. Fernando Q. Miguel leads in the promotion of the city's forthcoming Hinugyaw Festival by appearing in a TV commercial inviting everyone to join in the fun. The honorable mayor excitedly enumerates the kinds of festivities and other pertinent info about the festival, except for one crucial thing: when is the festival going to happen.

Here's my (Chinese) New Year's resolution: I will cleanse the drafts section of my blog in the coming week, and will never again leave an unfinished post in it.