December 12, 2008

Sprite in can

This restaurant in Gensan famous for its pancit malabon was about to close down for the night when I and my wife went in. Needless to say, there were no more dine-in and its specialty was not available anymore so my partner had to settle for one order of the common arroz caldo, take out. Fine.

I just had my full dinner so for myself I went for a softdrink (soda) and specifically asked for Sprite. The cashier loudly asked her staff if Sprite was still available and got a equally loud "wala na" ("no more") from one of the ladies at the food counter. So I asked what other sodas are available. A resounding "Coke lang" ("just Coke") was heard all over the place. Good enough.

I got my Coke while we waited for our arroz caldo; and was halfway through it when I noticed a phalanx of glistening ice cold Sprites-in-can inside the glass-paneled fridge. I naturally asked the charming (sic) lady who a while ago had just declared all Sprites "dead", "Bakit sabi mo wala nang Sprite?" at the same time nose-pointing the row of green cans inside the ref.

To which, with all natural grace, she fabulously replied, "Hindi nyo naman sinabing 'in can'..."

[canned laughter]


  1. Hahahaha...that reminds me to specify what container I want my soda to be in.... "canned laughter"

    Anyways, sir i dont want to put down your interest on it but about the show we cannot push through with it this December since we were only able to gather a few guests for the initial show, its a downside for us performers since we will be pulling out our own pockets for the technical expenses and will entirely gain nothing from the proceeds. We are constantly looking for a place wherein we won't be paying for the rent kasi we planned to do the show at Veranda's Session Hall initially but my co magicians suggested that we look for a different place wherein there would be lesser expenses or no expenses at all when it comes to the rent. Rest assured, I will inform you when it will happen. I would gladly perform for you guys whenever you're in the city since I have tons of new close routines I would like to experiment with bloggers I'm just a text away! Happy New year!

  2. Harharhar... pikatttt... naisahan ka! But I'm sure you'll still come back for the yummy pancit malabon one of these days. (LOLz)

  3. Swang, ambot lang morag di na ko mokaon didto kay naglagot ko.. wa na man lagi kay bag-ong post?