December 29, 2008

Parang Kailan Lang

I recorded this video during the Hugpong 2008 celebration two nights ago. The subject was one of the highlights of the whole-day (and night) affair held at the MSU-GSC High School campus: the alumni paying tribute to their teachers.

Prior to this scene, all teachers young and old (at least those who are still breathing) of the then Mindanao State University-GSC High School (now MSU-CETD) since the late 60's, were called on stage one by one to be awarded a simple memento from the alumni; after which all the alumni were given the chance to personally thank their mentors.

To say that it was a very touching scene is an understatement. People were thanking, hugging and cheek-kissing their teachers; some were giving flowers; and some (teachers and alumni) hardly holding back their tears (of joy, I am almost sure).

The mass singing of Florante's Handog (more famously known as Parang Kailan Lang) did not help restrain the deep sentimentality of the moment. I myself did not shed tears, but I have to admit the awesome feeling I felt raised my body hair all throughout. I did not hug and kiss my teachers, but truly I was moved so much I wanted to put my teachers in my pocket and take them home. I did not give any flower to any one; there was not a material thing that could even approximate the immensity of gratitude I wanted to reward my teachers.

Well, I did hold my camera and capture them and the moment on video! Forgive me if this was not enough.

Parang kailan lang. It did seem to feel like only yesterday when I last faced our teachers in class. Yes, they were not perfect teachers. Some made us sell food and softdrinks at the cafeteria in exchange for grades in our electives. Some made us read Rizal's Noli and Fili without teaching what these novels were all about. Some played favorites (i.e. you just felt they dislike you more than your other classmates for no apparent reason).

But these shortcomings easily become negligible when one views the sacrifices of our teachers -- working in a not so well-endowed time and environment, MSU being a public school -- as collective testimony of their genuine desire to be our main sources of information and molders of good values outside the household.

I have always regarded all teachers as second parents; and parents are hardly perfect. There might not be another opportune time to say 'Thank You'... Daghang salamat kaninyo, Mam ug Ser.

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