November 15, 2009

Manny Pacquiao: More than Firepower... Speed!

When and where was it that I last pointed to speed as fast becoming a crucial if not the most important factor in professional boxing? It was here.

You needed more proof? You should have watched the latest fight of Manny Pacquiao - probably the biggest epitome of speed in the world of professional boxing - as you should have watched all the fights of his career.

And if you are among those who were horrified by the turnout of the first three rounds of his fight against Miguel Cotto, then you are probably among the converts now joining the ranks of believers in the philosophy that speed means everything in boxing.

I predicted the fight would end in 3 rounds but I was horrified too because it was Cotto who was unexpectedly displaying the speed that I anticipated would end the fight early in favor of my countryman.

Speed, and his inherent power, Cotto was at his best in the opening round; my 10-year old kid was covering his face with throw pillow fearing the worst. The heavy downpour outside did not help any; it was as if  the heavens were saying it was going to be a bad day.

By the fourth round, however, it became apparent that speed is not a weapon that can be wielded by just any ordinary mortal inside the ring; Cotto could not anymore sustain it while Manny was just about to shift to higher gear. The fight was over by the time the Puerto Rican was floored the second time towards the end of the round.

Manny's next opponent should be someone who can employ sustained speed and power. Otherwise, consider his next fight's outcome done. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.? Yes, perfect boxer. The only problem with Pretty Boy, that makes him a unworthy opponent for Pacquiao, is he also makes use of his speed in running around the ring. Well, nothing definite on that matchup yet; we have time to train our voice boxes for those round and loud "booos" to use at fight night.

Meanwhile,  what's your take about Chavit and Che?

photo above courtesy of  yan2malagu

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