September 7, 2008

New eating venues in Koronadal

Tiana's Cafe & Bar is located along Alunan Avenue, where the office of SOCOTECO I was once located. It professes to have the best fried chicken in town. It is where one finds what are probably the largest plates served among food venues in the region.

Below is a branch of Pritong Manok inside the Fit Mart Mall of Marbel. It's probably just a couple of days old as it has yet to serve some of the items in the menu. You have to check very carefully the integrity of its chicken macaroni salad.


  1. Hi! Might try this new place if I get to visit Koronadal.

    Please join us at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2 on October 25, 2008, in GenSan.

    Check out if you can.

    Damu salamat. Ayo-ayo! :)

  2. HI, i went back to my hometown Koronadal last weekend and got to take a glimpse of this place but did not have time to visit, i will soon try this place. Masarap ba ang food?

  3. Hi Avel, yes I will be joining MBS2. Thanks a lot.

    Hi Sheng, I am not really a food connoisseur but Tiana's fried chicken for me is one to look forward to.

    Pritong Manok's on the other has nothing out of the ordinary. I was intrigued by the Chicken sizzling sisig but it was not available. The chicken macaroni was bland and smelled kind of stale.

    There is also Figueroa Highlands Restaurant that I missed posting about; I misplaced the photo I took.

    Thanks for visiting my site.