July 29, 2008

Some Recent Lasquachas

July 20th. Had a quick tour of the barracks of the Philippine Marines at Fort Bonifacio. The tour was courtesy of a Marines officer who requested not to be identified for [in]security reasons :) With me in the photos below is my MSU-High classmate Peter Awayan.

Remember Cuba Gooding Jr. in "Pearl Harbor"? This is NOT how he did it when he shot down a Zero in the early goings of the Japanese surprise attack. [Gooding played the role of PO3 Doris Miller, an African-American cook on one of the US battleships, who received the US Navy Cross for gallantry]

"Comrade, stop ka muna, photo ops muna tayo, 'pre"

Reminds me of the gallantry and heroism of our very own Filipino people at EDSA in February of 1986. Diesel fuel then cost just about PhP3.00 per liter!

You say you want a revolution...
... All I can tell you is
brother you have to wait.

[Revolution, Lennon/McCartney]

July 28th. At Mr. Baay's T'boli Museum in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. I am holding a hegalung, a 2-stringed lute-like musical instrument of the T'bolis made more famous by alternative artists like Joey Ayala. Anakin is holding (wrongly perhaps) a single-stringed violin-like instrument. (right)

(left) Anakin insists he found Frostmourne (see: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos)

It's my first time to be in Lake Sebu in three years. My last visit was in 2005 with two of my MSU-High classmates (Filipino-Texan Reynaldo Jope and Polomolok Fire Chief Maysael Wenceslao) where we stayed at Mountain Log, a resort owned by UP Gamma Sigman Jojo Sanchez and his family. Photo above was taken from the restaurant of Punta Isla Resort, where they serve all the tilapia dishes you can imagine.

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