June 27, 2008

Daxi Weida at Blogger

Now, I have another edition of my blog, this time hosted by Blogger. Hopefully, this will play better than the first one hosted by another.

Hello there, this is my first post. So what am I going to say? Perhaps explain why I have to put up this blog?
Maraming dahilan; but it may not be that necessary to list down and essay the reasons right here right now. When you get to read the posts as we go along, you yourself will realize why.

This blog’s name is Daxi Weida, such a weird name perhaps for most of you but its literal meaning you can easily
google. And why make it the title? Well, perhaps because after googling about Daxi Weida, I just wanted this blog to represent that same kind of redemption of the spirit happening at the end of an idealistic yet atrociously dogmatic journey. Lalim ba? Ano raw? :)

In any case, whatever the konek, I wish everyone a happy reading. Do post your comments. Fear not. As my friend
Prince Feyesper would like to assure us, everything here is autosophical.

UPDATE (Nov 1): I have changed this blog's title to Redeemed Spirit


  1. I've known Mr. Barbosa way back in my college days at the Mindanao State University-Tambler, General Santos City where he was then the school librarian (I'm not sure if he's still until now). I would say he was one of the best recruits the university had at the time; very unassuming and amiable, yet, quite brilliant and selflessly dedicated to his craft. He was an aberration to our typecast bespectacled old lady (my apologies to the ultra feminists) librarian who growls at the source of every audible spoken word.
    Where newspapers,magazines and books were as scarce as water in that part of the city, he would keep the students abreast of the current events by religiously writing/posting on the bulletin board, strategically positioned at the library entrance, the day's major news stories and bits of information of human interest. The method, simple and commonplace as it might seem, was very effective because the students, and even members of the faculty, were invariably drawn back to the place regularly to even at least check the latest posts.
    About eight years ago, I had the chance to visit the MSU- Tambler library at its new location, still under the auspices of Prof. Barbosa. At the very moment I stepped inside, I already knew that the manager was doing an excellent job.

  2. Hi. Your comment must have been intended for the next post. Thank you very much nonetheless.

    Mr. Barbosa is now retired and is happily tending to his home garden in Koronadal. He is still at it though: sharing his mastery of the craft of librarianship and doing advocacy on books and reading by volunteering for projects like DReAM Children and doing consultancy work on the side.

  3. Sorry, an inadvertent oversight hehe. I'm reposting it, anyway. Thanks for the info.